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Jackson Jaguars demonstrate respect, integrity, and perseverance to create a positive community.

Culture and Climate

Jackson Elementary is a trained and certified Energy Bus School! This means that all staff have been trained in the principles in Energy Bus for Schools Leadership. Each month, Jackson staff introduce a new principle to students that helps them learn to make positive choices that are going to lead to the outcomes that they desire. This is a multi-year initiative that staff and students will continue to grow and improve as positive impacts on our school and community.

Within the Energy Bus for Schools process, staff participate in a Culture and Climate survey to identify strengths, and areas to improve upon in our school. This survey data is collected, interpreted, and shared back to Jackson Elementary through the staff at Energy Bus. Jackson Elementary then uses a committee of staff to plan ways to improve on our areas needing growth.


Jackson Elementary students have access a variety of media services including, but not limited to internet, educational apps, keyboarding skills, and print. In order to provide access across all settings, each grade level has enough chrome books for each student to use. These are accessed in the classroom, specials, and after school programming. As a primary level school, we focus on teaching students proper use of the different media tools, how to access the tools, and basic skills.

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Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Jeffrey Sandlian, Principal Diane Brink, Secretary